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Technical support will provide you with any technical information.

Before applying to the technical support please look through the section documentation and guides for trackers diagnostics, as well the answers to frequently asked questions


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I have connected extra device (fuel level sensor, temperature sensor, odometer, flowmeter and ignition control unit) to the tracker but its data are not transmitted to the server. What should I do?

To activate data transmission via different data packets you need to send PROTOCOL command-request with a certain parameter. Parameter values and certain calculations you can find in the manual for your equipment: Documentation

Can the device transmit data to two monitoring servers at the same time?

Today this function is not supported by ADM trackers.

Tracker is not connected to the server. What should I do?

1) For a proper function of the tracker you should check if the server settings and access points names (APN) are correct.
2) ADM trackers, except for ADM700 3G, use only 2G frequencies. Check if your SIM card and the nearby base transmission station support this format.
3) Check if the equipment IMEI is correctly displayed on the server to which the connection is done.
4) Check if the tracker sees the SIM card. In case of failure, replace the SIM card; make sure the SIM holder has no mechanical damage.

After firmware updating the Configurator does not detect the tracker. What should I do?

If an error occurs during the software updating, the device goes into Bootloader mode and is detected by the PC as an external device (USB device).
If your tracker behaves in the same way contact support team by telephone: +7 (342) 211 15 00 or write to email — support@neomatica.ru\support@neomatica.com and ask for the firmware file for your device.

What is average power consumption of ADM equipment?

The average power consumption for ADM 100/300 is 60mA and can vary depending on how many devices are connected to the tracker.

Tracker is connected to the power supply, but there is no LED indication. What should I do?

LED is a universal marker to identify the state of ADM devices. In case of stable power supply there is no LED indication - the tracker is considered damaged. faulty. You can send your device into our service for detection and elimination of the faults.

How to connect wireless sensor to ADM tracker?

1) At first connect ADM tracker to the power supply. Set the tracker using ADM Configurator of the latest version. Full installer.zip and Web installer
2) Prepare BLE equipment for the usage: Configure the wireless fuel level sensor. If it is ADM sensor then pull out the protective plastic plate, which is placed between the battery and the board.
3) To connect extra devices to the tracker you can use automatic search with the help of “ADM Configurator” or send BLEAUTOCATCH command to the devices via any convenient channel- The tracker will automatically establish connection with all supported BLE devices located at the distance of half a meter.
This setting can be changed. Find more details in operation manual: https://neomatica.com/en/partner/docs/
You will see your device in “ADM Configurator” in the Bluetooth periphery tab.

What is the duration of work for ADM 50 tracker?

ADM50 tracker is know as a device that can work autonomously during a long period of time. One of its advantages is a powerful battery.
This tracker can work within two weeks if it sends message every 5 minutes.If the tracker records and sends route records every minute -then it will work for 3,5 days.