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Satellite monitoring
with ADM trackers
About the company

Neomatica is a Russian manufacturer of wireless and wired solutions for fleet management and satellite monitoring of people and assets offering a wide range of gps trackers, BLE sensors and RFID products united under the brand of ADM. Our core advantages are high-quality and affordable products completed by high flexibility and responsive technical support.

Founded in 2012, Neomatica opened the era of gps trackers with built-in antennas in Russia and then developed the smallest tracking unit ADM007. In 2018 the company launched production of innovative wireless devices based on Bluetooth Low Energy technology. Today the number of objects equipped with ADM devices exceeds 141 000 and Dealer Network counts over 350 integrators worldwide.

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Benefits of ADM units
A multi-purpose products line
Over 124 594 objects are monitored with ADM units
Embedded antennas
Embedded antennas make ADM trackers compact and easy for installation in any place.
Warranty & After-sales service
We provide our customers with 1 year of warranty and perform post-warranty repairs
configuration and operation
Various ways of configuration: Bluetooth, BLE, GPRS, SMS, USB, FOTA
High sensitivity of signal receivers
Highly precise localization of the object based on GLONASS, GPS and LBS systems
High-quality components
During the manufacturing process of ADM units, we always use high-quality components with all applicable international certificates (CE, etc.) and produce our own moulds for housings.
Conformity & Certificates
All our equipment complies with Russian and International standards
Compatible with most of
monitoring platforms
Due to their open protocol, ADM units may be used with almost any monitoring program. Now they are integrated with Wialon, Navixy, Pilot, RedGPS, etc.
Production based
on innovative solutions
Modern manufacturing process based on JUKI, HELLER with a strict quality control in each production step.
Watch how our equipment works online
Wialon demo
Benefits for your business
up to 40%
Fuel savings
up to 20%
Cost-cutting for fleet repair
up to 15%
Minimization of accidents and increase in transport safety
up to 25%
Reduction of idle time
up to 25%
Avoidance of improper use of transport and mileage decrease
up to 30%
Increase in labour efficiency
141 214 objects equipped with ADM