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Maxwell’s Demon Incarnated In A Real, Single-Electron Szilard Engine

by on September 30, 2014
Scientists have physically realized a microscopic, single electron Szilard engine, a construction formerly of only theoretical design created by the physicist Leo Szilard and based on “Maxwell’s demon”.  As originally conceived in 1929, the Szilard engine apparently violates the laws of thermodynamics, allowing work to be extracted from energy of the surroundings in the absence […]

A Small Molecule Expands Cord Blood Stem Cells, Greatly Advancing Therapy For Leukemias

by on September 28, 2014
Molecular geneticists have discovered a simple way to expand cord blood cells by treating them with a small molecule drug that stimulates their natural proliferation.  Cord blood cells are valued for their therapeutic potential for many blood-related diseases including leukemia, and their superiority over bone marrow transplants for higher tolerance by a foreign immune system.  […]


Fur Coat-Like Super-Sized Bacteria On Marine Worms Show Exquisite Symmetric Division

by on September 27, 2014
Looking closely at the small, worm-like nematode Eubostrichus dianeae under a microscope, one would observe what appears to be a carpet of long fur tendrils covering the exterior of the worm.  Look even more closely and one would realize that the fur is in fact a mass of ectosymbiont bacteria, Gammaproteobacteria, that lives by attaching one […]

Unusually Large Black Hole At The Center Of An Ultracompact, Dwarf Galaxy

by on September 26, 2014
An international team of astronomers led by Professor Anil Seth from the University of Utah discovered a completely outsized black hole at the center of dwarf galaxy M60-UCD1.  The black hole mass represents a whopping 15% of the total mass of its ultracompact galaxy host.  In contrast, most black holes are only 0.5% by mass […]


11.6 Year Study Of 1,361 Adults Shows Protein Intake Correlated With Lower Hypertension Risk

by on September 25, 2014
Boston University scientists, drawing from data collected through the famous Framingham Offspring Study, have discovered over the long term dietary intake of protein is predictive of lower blood pressure.  Participants in the highest third group for protein intake, averaging 100 grams per day, showed a 40% lower risk of developing high blood pressure.  The results were […]

Pebbles In Orion: A Mystery And More Common Than Previously Thought

by on September 25, 2014
Astronomers led by Associate Scientist Dr. Scott Schnee from the National Radio Observatory in Charlottesville, VA discovered a high abundance of large-grain dust particles most in the millimeter size range but some as big as a centimeter while making infrared observations of the clouds of gas and dust in the constellation of Orion.  The discovery of […]


Trace Isotope Analysis Reveals Fracking Is Contaminating Well-Water In 3 Ways

by on September 24, 2014
New research by scientists at Ohio State University using trace isotope analysis shows that increasing contamination over time of well water near 8 fracking sites in Texas and Pennsylvania is linked to fracking.  The researchers extended their analysis and identified 3 mechanisms by which fracking was causing the contamination: 1) leaks through the “annulus”, or […]

Liquid Biopsies And Mouse Explant Avatars Recapitulate Patient Cancer Chemosensitivity

by on September 24, 2014
Described in a recent high profile Nature publication, cancer researchers from the University of Manchester make a number of striking, practical advances in the field of personalized cancer therapeutics.  The scientists took “liquid biopsies” by isolating miniscule amounts of cancer cells from the blood of patients with small-cell lung cancer (SCLC), cultured them in a […]


Study of 600,000 Trees Shows Climate Change Has Increased Growth Rate By 70% Compared To Half A Century Ago

by on September 23, 2014
Measurements by scientists at the Munich University of Technology have revealed tree growth rates have rapidly increased by 70 percent compared to 50 years ago.  The scientists conducted their study on experimental forest plots which are well-controlled, and compared their data to historical data taken continuously since 1870.  These forests are among the oldest study […]

Perceived Thoughtfulness Has A Positive Impact On Influence, Likeability But Overthinking Has Opposite Effect

by on September 22, 2014
The amount of time and thought a person confers to making a decision has a strong effect on our perception of that person, researchers from Harvard Business School have discovered.  A positive perception arises from watching a decision-maker use the most “appropriate” level of thought for the given decision, where “appropriate” simply means commensurate with […]