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ADM35 BLE Long Range sensor

Wireless multifunctional sensor ADM35 is used to monitor temperature, illumination and presence of magnetic field. Can be installed on stationary and moving objects. The data is transmitted by Bluetooth radio channel and stored in a non-volatile sensor memory with its subsequent unloading. Due to IP65 housing the sensor can be used in harsh conditions. 

Wireless multifunctional sensor ADM35

Advantages of ADM35 sensor:

  • Simultaneous control of temperature, illumination and magnetic field (Hall sensor)
  • Data exchange technology: BLE Long Range and BLE
  • 9 operation modes allow adjusting  desired signal power and providing  data transmission over a distance of  up to 1000 m
  • Parameters control with the help of smartphone
  • Logger for 19700 records
  • Can work autonomously or with BLE tracker or with any tracker containing RS-485 plus  BLE base ADM30
  • Changeable battery of 2700 mА/h. 

  • Technical features of ADM35 sensor:

    Operating temperature:
    Margin of error for temperature measurement:
    Range of illumination measured:
     0,01 lux...83000 lux
    Type of Hall element:
    discrete, omnipolar
    Frequency range of radio interface:
    2400...2483,5 МHz
    Transmitter power:
    up to +8 dBm
    Receiver sensitivity:
    -96 dBm
    Data exchange technology:

    Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), 

    Bluetooth Low Energy Long Range (BLE Long Range)
    Coverage in the mode of BLE:
    up to 100 m in line-of-sight     
    Coverage in the mode of BLE Long Range:
    up to 1000 m in line-of-sight
    Number of stored records:
    ER14505 / 3,6 В / 2700 мА/h
    Operation time with one battery:
    from 3 years
    129 (73 without measuring element) x 68 x 32 mm
    Weight Not more than 105 g


    Configurator for Android - download

    Manual - download

    Firmware for ADM35
    If you need a firmware for the sensor please write to any of the following e-mails: